About Us

Founded in 1977, Diversified has over 40 years of experience protecting our customers by analyzing and detecting pesticides, PCB's, chlorinated dioxins, chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemical contaminants in food and animal feed products. Pesticides are highly persistent in the environment and are readily stored and concentrated in poultry and livestock tissues and therefore represent a concern for human health.

The dangerous nature of these industrial chemicals requires constant vigilance at all levels, from the the corporate arena to federal, state and local governments. EPA has established tolerances for these chemicals and the FDA and USDA have responsibility to enforce them, but our customers bear the burden of compliance to insure a safe product. The potential economic consequences of a contamination, if left undetected, can readily exceed $1 million.

Diversified Laboratories makes it as easy and convenient for our customers to insure safe products for themselves and their customers with quick, accurate and confidential testing. By using Diversified as part of an ongoing quality assurance program our customers are insured against potential problems with rapid detection and reporting. Our approach has helped preserve a perfect record of no FDA/USDA involvement for over 40 years.

Defining Purpose of Diversified Laboratories

To protect our customers by being the Nation's leading quick-turnaround, independent, USDA certified laboratory for the detection of pesticide contaminants in animal feed and human food products.

The Value of Independence

Diversified Laboratories has always been an independent analytical laboratory providing quick, confidential, precise and accurate analyses to our customers. Our independence offers credibility, our confidential Certificate of Analysis provides a valuable sales tool, our quick turnaround provides maximum financial return and our USDA certification insures safe products for our customers. Diversified Laboratories represents a wide range of clients and our analyses are quick, accurate, unbiased and confidential. We specialize in same day turn-around and know the value of the savings we provide our customers.


As a USDA accredited and completely independent laboratory, Diversified Laboratories has been providing unquestioned results for over 40 years. Our independence provides value in the event of an incident, ensures unbiased reporting and provides additional protection to our customers.

USDA Certification insures that we are operating at the highest standards possible with regular testing and reporting by the USDA. Our specific certifications include all halocarbon residues (chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, and brominated hydrocarbons).

As part of our on-going pursuit of excellence, in April 2010, Diversified Laboratories was awarded ISO 17025 Accreditation. The internationally recognized standard is another step in our program of continual improvement for our techniques and procedures.

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