• Be sure to obtain a representative sample by using an official trier, a bomb sampler for fats and oils, or a suitable continuous bleeder line technique (i.e., continuous flow during unloading).

  • Combine 2 or more repeated samplings in a large, clean bucket and mix thoroughly. While material is agitated, quickly fill sample container. If more than one sample container is to be filled, repeat mixing step before filling each container (since moisture and insolubles can settle quickly). Draw sample for container from the mid-level portion of the bucket. A standard "turkey baster," found in most grocery stores, makes an excellent stirring and sample device.


  • Be sure that caps are on bottles prior to use so that contamination of the bottle does not occur.


  • Fill out an Analysis Request Form and attach it to the sample bottle with rubber band or adhesive tape. Retain a copy for your records.


  • Stuff a sufficient amount of paper or other suitable packing material into the bottom of the cardboard mailer, enclose sample with request form, and stuff sufficient amount of paper or packing material in top portion to prevent rattling before closing the cardboard mailer. The packing material will serve as a cushion and prevent breakage during shipment.


  • Apply label to shipping container and send to:

Diversified Laboratories, Inc.
4150 Lafayette Center Drive
Suite #600
Chantilly, VA 20151
Tel: 703-222-8700

Instructions for Sampling and Shipping Fats and Oils Sample

4150 Lafayette Center Drive Suite 600 Chantilly Va 20151 Phone: (703)-222-8700