How we saved our customers money and reputation

  1. Diversified demonstrated there were major errors in results by a USDA laboratory significantly reducing the the scope of a $2.5 million recall of turkey products. Our work saved our customer money, bad press and maintained their reputation for quality. The analysis involved over 350 samples in a seven day time period.

  2. Diversified saved a U.S. multinational feed company from an expensive 7 state recall by disproving "false positive" analytical results on feed samples by another commercial laboratory. The laboratory work was completed within a 48-hour period over a weekend.

  3. Diversified successfully removed a USDA challenge of a company's use of an illegal pesticide by developing a special analytical method to demonstrate the presence of a specific pesticide on two flies. This was the only evidence a large national meat-packer had to prove to the USDA that an illegal pesticide had not been used in their packing plant.

  4. Diversified identified and contained a pesticide contamination incident in turkey and broiler flocks throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina caused by fat products from an East Coast renderer.

  5. Diversified provided laboratory support for a pesticide contamination problem encountered by integrated Mississippi poultry producers. The contamination was responsible for an estimated $20 million dollar loss by these companies.

  6. Diversified reported results within 36 hours for an accidental spill of a pesticide in a Virginia stream by a multinational pharmaceutical company. Results included the development of a method to analyze water and soil samples. The rapid response restricted the contamination to a small segment of the stream and adjacent land.

  7. Diversified identified a carcinogenic (cancer) agent, in broiler tissues, traced it to the source of the contamination and eliminated it from the operation within ten days of the discovery from a large integrated operation. This saved our customer their reputation, time and money.

  8. Diversified prevented a threatened shutdown of a large Canadian rendering operation by the Canadian Government due to purported contamination of animal by products with chlorinated hydrocarbons. Diversified Laboratories demonstrated errors in results from the Canadian Government laboratories thus avoiding a shutdown of the rendering plant. We also established an ongoing pesticide/PCB/chlorinated dioxin quality control program approved and supported by the Canadian Government.

  9. Diversified identified the presence of PCB's in poultry tissues and traced the contamination to fish meal containing heat exchanger fluids. The contamination, which included large number of poultry operations in the Southeast, resulted in $50 million dollar lawsuit with the manufacturer of the heat exchanger product.

  10. Diversified conducted research on dose and exposure period of specific pesticides and the corresponding pesticide level in the tissues of poultry. This information enables us to provide its clients with guidance on appropriate action in the event of a pesticide contamination problem.

  11. Diversified resolved a problem of unidentified compounds in certain feed grade fat blends which were reported by other commercial laboratories as pesticides. The comprehensive research project determined that the unidentified substances were not pesticides but five compounds derived which appear in certain types of fat blends under specific conditions.

  12. Diversified identified and resolved a significant organophosphate pesticide contamination incident involving animal byproducts from a major national rendering company. Diversified Laboratories collaborated with USDA on behalf of the company, identified the source of the contamination source which was removed from the operations with no penalties or business interruption for the company.

  13. Diversified was the scientific/technical lead in the resolution of a $2 million international lawsuit involving the contamination of poultry and livestock feed and tissues with certain hydrocarbons.

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