How We Protect Our Customers

Pesticide/Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Residue Contamination

Diversified Laboratories has encountered numerous violations in levels of pesticides in products ranging from feed ingredients to food products. Our work is to protect our customer and stop an issue before it becomes a problem in the press, with the Government, in a public recall or in the courtroom.

In every instance where we made the discovery as part of an on-going quality control program with our customer, USDA/FDA involvement and any significant cost to the company were avoided. In instances where compounds could not be identified in the traditional pesticide screen, we have done the research and new compounds are included as part of our routine pesticide screen.

To date, we have the most comprehensive chlorinated pesticide screen available in the United States including up to 46 individual pesticides. This represents approximately more than 2X times the number of pesticides included in the traditional pesticide screen...more extensive screening means more extensive protection.

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